If we leave the capital heading northeast, after 30 km we arrive in the town of Gödöllõ, renowned for its association with Queen Elizabeth, wife of Franz Joseph, emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

The restored Baroque palace, originally the Grassalkovich Mansion, was the favorite residence of the queen, familiarly known by the Hungarians as Sissy. This truly imposing palace lovingly restored to its original glory has a fascinating exhibition and regularly hosts cultural events and festivals.

The second high era of the palace, the so-called Royal era began in 1867. During the reconstruction of the building, the needs of the royal couple were in all respect taken into consideration. Comfort and practical purposes were aimed at when furnishing the suites. The walls of the apartment of Francis Joseph were covered with gray silk, the furniture had a yellow leather upholstery.

In the beginning, the suite of the Queen was characterized by her favorite color, violet. During the 1879 renewal, the color of the silk wallpapers and upholstery was changed for red. The presence of the favorite color is of special importance in this room since the furnishings here are meant to be suggestive of the Queen’s complex personality. The faithfully arranged interiors also tell us about the history of Hungary and the persons of Francis Joseph and the Queen. As there are only a few items left from Gödöllõ, the personal objects of the royal couple, originating from other places, are also exhibited here.