Budapest Public transport

Budapest has an efficient public transport network made up of more then 180 bus, 14 trolley, 29 tram and 3 metro lines. There is very good network of trams, busses and trolleybuses, which operate between 4:30 and 23:00. Budapest has modern metro system with three lines and more 2 metro lines will be soon also.

Budapest has also all-night service with night buses and night bus timetables are posted at bus stops. Tickets for tram and bus journeys can be bought at metro stations and some tram stations.

Metro system is clean and efficient, some metro station are new renovated. The metros run at 2-15 minutes intervals from 4:30 to 23:10. The three metro lines intersect at Deák tér, the town centre. Always buy the tickets for the metro, becouse controlers are everywhere. Metro stations are located with ‘M’ symbol.

The oldest part of the metro is the yellow line 1, built in the 1890s.

HÉV (suburban railway) – to the south, local suburban trains (HÉV) run between Csepel Island and Dandár u, but the route used by tourists runs between Batthyhány tér and beautifull Szentendre town.

Ticket options, prices from January 1st 2007 are:

Single Ticket
320 HUF

Book of 10 tickets
2700 HUF

Book of 20 tickets
4200 HUF

Day Pass
2500 HUF

Tourist Pass (3 day)
3800 HUF

Weekly Pass
5000 HUF

Monthly Travel card (photo I.D. required)
9000 HUF

Please always validate your ticket!