Budapest Railway

All international trains mostly arrive and depart from the Keleti (eastern) railway station and some of them from Nyugati (western) station and Deli (southern) station. Train tickets can be purchased only with Hungarian forint.’Kéleti palyaudvar’ opened it’s doors in the same year as the opera , 1884. That period some big monuments were raised. The market hall came three years later as well as the parliament. The east station is impressive for it’s size as well as it’s elegance.. In that period Budapest had about 700 000 citizens. A giant statue with a lady accompanied by two bearded men riding half horses half fish decorate the top of the building.

Western Europe

Nyugati Station (Nyugati Palyaudvar) was built at the end of the 19th century and constructed by the famous architect Gustav Eiffel, which was a specialist of ironwork. The stations façade is still very impressing, whereas the interior seems to be quite run down.

Hungarian State Railways official timetable: