Sopron is one of the cities with the most number of monuments in Hungary. It is located along the Austrian-Hungarian border at the foot of the Alps, 220 Kilometers away from Budapest, 60 Kilometers away from Vienna. There are a lot of attractions in this city: quiet little streets of the historical city center, unique buildings and monuments of the Middle Ages.

Citizens of Sopron are vary famous for their hospitality and loyalty to their city, and there is a vivid life in the city. The traditions of art are nearly 70 years old in the city, and the Sopron Festival Weeks are organized every year. Other tourist attractions include Spring Days, professional exhibitions, Sopron Wine Festival, Pan-European Meetings and other events.
As a result of the natural surrounding of the city, the mountainsides with woods, the lookout towers, springs and the air of the Alps make Sopron an ideal place to visit when looking for mental and physical recreation. The Lõvérs, the nicest recreational area of Sopron, is situated south of the city. The area is also famous for its wine.